School to School Support

Catalyst provides schools with access to serving teachers at various leadership levels that provide tailored support based upon your needs. These trained specialists have experience in a range of school improvement themes in all phases from improving the quality of teaching, to leadership coaching, behaviour management, policies and systems, data and tracking, curriculum design, timetabling, post 16 expertise, financial management, interim leadership, pre-Ofsted reviews, project management, subject reviews. Depending on your particular focus, Catalyst will discuss your needs in detail to help identify the specialist best suited to provide support. The support you require will then be provided by individuals or teams who are:

National Leaders of Education (NLE)

Outstanding serving headteachers will provide additional leadership capacity to schools facing transition or challenging circumstances.

Local Leaders of Education (LLE)

Established good and outstanding headteachers work alongside other headteachers in this role. They drive forward improvements and build capacity to ensure that improvements can be sustained.

Specialist Leaders in Education (SLE)

Outstanding senior or middle leaders support other individuals or teams in similar positions in other schools to achieve outstanding leadership in their own area of expertise.

There is no universal fee for the work of a specialist leader, as this very much depends on the need, length and focus of any agreed work. Models and types of deployments will vary. For example, one deployment might be a two-day diagnostic exercise, whilst another might require a longer term support role.

Any deployment will be monitored for the quality of the support provided. Evidence to identify and monitor appropriate outcomes and impact measures for deployments might include indicators such as:

  • improved examination results
  • improved quality of teaching and learning
  • improved progress within specific departments
  • improved attendance
  • improved Ofsted evidence
  • improved behaviour/discipline
  • greater progress by individual children
  • reduction in in-school variation
  • improved views of parents, governors and others in the community

For further information on applying to become an SLE with Catalyst please contact us.


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