Guidance for non-UK applicants

As a non-UK potential applicant you do need to consider some matters before beginning the application through the UCAS application portal.  If you can affirm the following four statements then it may be appropriate for you to apply:

  1. Do I have the right to work in the UK?
    This question is important since obtaining a teaching qualification does not confer the right to work.  The answer to this will depend on whether you live with the EU and you may wish to seek further information from consular services.
  2. Do I have “settled status” in the UK?
    This question is important in defining whether you are eligible to obtain funding to complete the teacher training.  Course fees can be £9,000 and so most applicants need to access the Student Loan Company in order to pay for them; these loans require settled status.
  3. Do I have an degree equivalent to a UK degree at Lower Second Class or higher?
    Applicants with non-UK degrees need to demonstrate their equivalence to UK qualifications through the NARIC process.  Most providers (including Catalyst) will expect you to provide details of your qualification equivalence before processing applications.
  4. Is my English language competency in speech and writing high enough?
    Applicants need to demonstrate that their competence in written and spoken English is sufficiently high to meet the Qualified Teacher Standards.  This will be assessed through a skills test and a written task if you are interviewed.

If you feel that you have done the necessary research to answer these questions positively, then you may wish to proceed to make an application.  Information on this is available at  Actual applications will be made through the UCAS (Universities Central Admission System) portal and if you do choose to apply to train with Catalyst, they will send us your application.

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