School Direct Training Bursaries

School Direct Fee-Paying Route – Training Bursaries for September 2017

Potential teacher trainees can often be put off by the thought of an additional year of tuition fees needed to gain their qualification.  Student loan fees and student maintenance grants are available, but the thought that these do need to be paid back can be daunting.

It is fortunate therefore that a wide range of bursaries are available to encourage applicants with good degrees in shortage subject to apply.  The training bursaries for the 2016-2017 academic year have just been announced and are as follows:

“The overall principle of the bursary and scholarship incentives for ITT has not changed, but there have been some changes to the detail of those incentives. A full breakdown of the incentives available for trainees beginning their courses in 2016–17 can be found on our website along with details of the different scholarship schemes.

The key changes are:

  • A continuation of scholarships at £30,000 in Physics, £25,000 in Maths, Chemistry and Computing, in partnership with the professional bodies for these subjects.
  • Trainees in Maths, MFL, Chemistry, Computing and Language with a First-class degree will receive a bursary of £25,000. Trainees in Physics with a First-class degree will receive a bursary of £30,000 and those with a 2:1 in Physics will receive £25,000.
  • Increases to bursaries for Biology, Geography, Design and Technology.
  • Primary Maths specialists receive an increased bursary for trainees with a 2:1 (£11,000, equal to the bursary for trainees with a First) and a new bursary for those with a 2:2 (£6,000);£20,000 tax free bursary for graduates with a 2:1 or 2:2 in Chemistry and MFL graduates will receive £ 25,000 for a 2:1 and £20,000 for a 2:2.
  • No changes to bursaries for English, History Music and RE (£9,000 for a First, £4,000 for a 2:1)

All EBacc subjects will continue to receive a bursary, reflecting the importance of those subjects.”

The bursary structures are quite complicated and so applicants are advised to check the detail in the NCTL website.  Bursaries for training on School Direct Fee-Paying are assessed on an individual basis by the NCTL and so Catalyst cannot guarantee at application stage whether a bursary will be granted.

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