NQT Programme with BSET TSA

NQT Programme with BSET TSA

Observing lessons was invaluable

“Engaging sessions with really knowledgeable speakers”
“I enjoyed the range of workshops. I felt like every aspect of teaching responsibilities was covered”
“Lots of tips that I’ll put into practice”
“This was one of the best training days I have attended – I can’t think of a way to improve the day”
“Superb information in the folder provided”“I found it really useful to talk to other NQTs, it made me realise that I am not alone”

BSET TSA is committed to providing a quality NQT induction service for both primary and secondary schools in the local area and beyond. BSET professionals lead on the programme with an excellent 3 day induction programme designed by both primary and secondary colleagues that is phase specific. We also feel it is desirable to enable primary and secondary NQTs to have the opportunity to meet and share their different experiences and part of the training will allow this to happen. NQT training Day 1 ‘Starting Out’ covering Teacher Professionalism & well-being, managing pressure, behaviour for learning and expectations for the year ahead NQT training Day 2 ‘Teaching in Action covering Inclusion /SEND Agenda , ICT in action, Excellent teaching and working with parents & support staff NQT training Day 3 ‘The Way Forward covering coaching and the self-reflective practitioner, being a fantastic form tutor, planning for literacy and science in primary settings, future careers and moving forward – the next steps.

We provide guidance, administration and support for every stage of the NQT induction process and access to advice for all NQT enquiries. We have rigorous quality assurance procedures and provide expert information, support and guidance where NQTs experience difficulties. Our NQT induction handbook provides all the relevant information for NQTs, headteachers, induction tutors and co-ordinators. Exclusively to BSET TSA we run our own 3 day training programme, spread out over the year that focuses on high quality, inspiring CPD for newly qualified teachers. All our NQTs over the last few years have succesfully passed their NQT year with our support and guidance.

We also have a second year programme for RQTs focussing on enhancing teaching and learning. The Enhancing Teaching Programme is for teachers who want to advance, develop and improve their teaching practice to enable delivery of consistently good lessons.

If you wish BSET TSA to be the appropriate body for your NQT(s) you will need to provide evidence from the Teaching Agency that the NQT has achieved QTS status (TRN number). We will contact you regarding the start date for the induction and make sure that you and your NQT are fully aware of the process. You and your NQT will receive a welcome pack from BSET TSA with details of the induction year, the NQT handbook and training dates.

Please contact Tiffany Burgess for more information: [email protected]

Telephone : 01279 654127 Ext 259